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Why be A Member

Individual membership with CILT provides numerous benefits for professionals in the logistics and transport industry. By joining CILT, individuals gain access to a global network of industry professionals and experts, as well as opportunities to participate in events, training programs, and professional development courses.

Individual members also have the chance to collaborate with other professionals in the industry, building relationships and sharing best practices.

Additionally, CILT provides a platform for individuals to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends, as well as access to research and reports on topics relevant to the logistics and transport sector.

Overall, individual membership with CILT offers valuable resources and support for professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge, stay competitive in the market, and foster innovation and growth within the industry.

All fields of the logistics and transport sector are covered under CILT, and all professionals working in these fields can apply for membership. Examples of the sectors in the industry include logistics, shipping, port operations, supply chain, warehousing & distribution, airlines & airports, trucking & road transport, maritime insurance, passenger transport, maritime law, defense forces, manufacturing, procurement, and rail transport.


Being part of an international organization


Invitations to international association events


Access to international professional groups


Networking opportunities on international and local basis


Mentoring network


Career support at all levels


Training and courses


Job placement support


Personalized training


Membership Levels

Student / Associate Member (Affiliate)
The first level of membership suitable for students and candidates interested in the industry
There are no specific criteria. Candidates who join at this level can later apply to move to higher levels.
The first level of membership for candidates who are active in the industry
Minimum 3 years of industry experience. Currently working in the sector.
Chartered Member (Competent Member)
The second level of membership for candidates who are active in the industry
Minimum 5 years of industry experience (At least 2 years must be at a managerial level). Currently working in the sector.
Chartered Fellow (Senior Member)
The highest level of membership for candidates who are active in the industry
Minimum 7 years of top-level managerial experience. Currently working in the sector.

How to be a Member?

Application Process


After deciding on the level they will apply for, candidates can submit their applications by sending their references, CVs prepared in the required format, local and international application forms to the email address

Please Note


Membership approvals are subject to the evaluation of the Board of Directors.


There is no guarantee that applicants will be accepted at the membership level they have applied for. It is possible for them to be accepted at a different level as a result of the Board of Directors' evaluation.


The resumes should detail the responsibilities in all work experiences and the education section, and the birth date and all date details should be specified. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted.


Required documents will be notified.



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