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Why be A Member

Corporate membership with CILT provides numerous benefits for companies in the logistics and transport industry. By joining CILT, companies gain access to a global network of industry professionals and experts, as well as opportunities to participate in events, training programs, and professional development courses.

Corporate members also have the chance to collaborate with other companies in the industry, building relationships and sharing best practices.


Additionally, CILT provides a platform for companies to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends, as well as access to research and reports on topics relevant to the logistics and transport sector.


Overall, corporate membership with CILT offers valuable resources and support for companies looking to improve their operations, stay competitive in the market, and foster innovation and growth within the industry.

All fields of the logistics and transport sector are covered under CILT, and all companies operating in these fields can apply for membership. Examples of the sectors in the industry include logistics, shipping, port operations, supply chain, warehousing & distribution, airlines & airports, trucking & road transport, maritime insurance, passenger transport, maritime law, defense forces, manufacturing, procurement, and rail transport.


Right to use CILT logos in company documents

Plaque and certificate presentation

2 free invitations for all local and paid events

20% discount on all local and paid events 

1 free representative right without membership fee


10% discount on training programs


Right to place a link to corporate websites from CILT website


5 free job advertisements per year on CILT career portal


Right to advertise on CILT social media pages


Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor
Promotional material distribution at events
Speaking opportunity at opening
Logo display in online events
Banner display on website during events
Large Banner
Medium Banner
Small Banner
Discount on paid events
Number of free invitations at events
Corporate video display at events
3 minutes
2 minutes
1 minute
Stand supply at events
Large Stand
Medium Stand
Small Stand
Event material logo display

How to be a Member?

Application Process


Candidate companies can submit their corporate membership or sponsorship applications to by email.


For corporate membership, a representative appointed by the candidate company will be designated. This person will be a representative within CILT, not a member. If they wish to become a member, they must also apply for individual membership and pay the membership fee.

Required Documents


Application Form

Resume/CV of the Representative

2 passport-sized photos of the Representative

Copy of the Representative's national identity card

Activity certificate to be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry or Professional

Associations containing information such as the company's establishment and/or current trade registry gazette, trade registry record, capital Current signature circulars of company officials, including their names and titles


Copies of licenses and authorization documents, as determined by laws and regulations, if any, for transportation and logistics services

Reference from at least 1 member of the Association

Receipt of the membership fee payment to be made after acceptance confirmation


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