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First General Assembly

CILT Turkiye

Mar 11, 2023

We are delighted to announce that CILT Turkiye was officially launched on 11.03.2023 with the first General Assembly held at Hilton Bomonti Hotel.

We are thrilled to announce the official establishment of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Turkiye Branch. Hosted by the CILT corporate member ICA YSS, the first ordinary General Assembly Meeting was held on March 11, 2023, at Hilton Bomonti Hotel.

Founded in the UK in 1919 with a vision of shaping the future of transportation and logistics, CILT is a well-respected authority in the logistics and transportation sector. Today, CILT has a network of 40,000 members in 40 countries, and we are delighted to bring this century-old institution to our country.

In November 2022, CILT Turkiye was approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, taking its place among 135 foreign non-governmental organizations in Turkiye, and becoming one of the 19 organizations that have been able to obtain branch status. CILT Turkiye is also the only non-governmental organization branch working in the field of logistics and transportation.

As Mrs. Berna Akyildiz, our CILT Founding President stated during the meeting, "the development and strengthening of the logistics and transportation sector is extremely important for Turkiye, as the sector plays a key role in the country’s status as a transit centre and the bridge in the middle corridor.

The General Assembly Meeting was attended by leading institutions and individuals, which have become CILT corporate and individual members.

CILT Turkiye Branch will soon kickstart its activities and contribute remarkably to our sector and its people.  

Board Members:

Berna AKYILDIZ, F.C.I.L.T - President

Serhat Soğukpınar - Vice President

Turhan Özen - Vice President

Burcu Ozsoy - Vice President

Cavit Uğur - General Secretary

Mert Akyildiz, CMILT - Treasurer


Ali Güreli

Fuat Pamukcu



Elif Akyildiz Sagir, CMILT



Zeynep Ozsoy

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